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Importance of Using Genuine Xerox Supplies

A lot of questions arise with compatibles — will the colors be as bright? Will lines be as sharp? Will it last as long? Could it even damage your printer?

It’s the risk that comes with using sub-standard bargain brand toner that isn't designed for your Xerox printer — problems can quickly arise. Genuine Xerox Toner and printers are Made For Each Other® so you’re assured of brilliant, reliable results — offering the best value, day after day.


Simple and hassle-free with no fuss or mess. Our cartridges and printers are Made For Each Other for easy loading, printing and results — always.

Why Buying Genuine Supplies Matters:

  • Xerox toner is not just toner! Xerox tailors the toner formula for each printer platform to optimize the image quality and long-term reliability.

  • Xerox toner is safe for humans and safe for the environment. It is 100% non-toxic, does not generate hazardous waste, and meets or exceeds all federal regulatory requirements.

  • Xerox posts all composition/information of ingredients for Xerox supplies to the Xerox website. With Xerox you know—and your customers know—what they’re getting. With generic third-party bargain brands, how does anyone know?

  • Third-party toner is comprised of crushed, irregularly sized / shaped particles which are abrasive, and can cause premature failure of imaging drums, transfer belts, and fusers.

  • Third-party toner can leak and cause damage and inconvenience.


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